Why is Visiting the Dentist an Important Part of Prenatal Care?

Posted January 27, 2021.

This is very good question!  While you may have completed the nursery, checked your registry list twice and scheduled every follow-up appointment with your OB/GYN, what is missing?  During the excitement of anticipating and making arrangements for your newborns arrival, many expectant mothers forget to schedule a check-up/cleaning as part of your prenatal care.

For some, it isn’t until you experience the pain that comes from excessively swollen gums, due to the presence of bacteria that pregnant mothers are sent sprinting to their dental office.

Did you know….dental plaque/calculus can throw a pregnant mother’s immune system into over-drive, which is why it is really important to practice good oral hygiene and make sure to schedule regular visits with the dentist/dental hygienist during your pregnancy.

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy gingivitis include;

  • Bleeding when brushing/flossing
  • Gum tenderness

If left undisturbed, bacteria will multiply within the oral cavity and can wreak havoc on the gums and bone tissue.

Before experiencing these types of symptoms; it is important to schedule regular exams and dental cleanings so that bacteria under the gum tissue can be professional removed.

So please consider your dentist in your prenatal care to-do list!  Call us to schedule.